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Nevada’s Ormsby House to be Featured in Lady of the Lake

I lived in Carson City, Nevada for nearly ten years, serving as the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church there, beginning in 1984.

It was a formative time for me, as a preacher and writer, and led to a life-long love of things western and cowboy.  And one of the places I loved most was Carson City’s Ormsby House.

Truett Loftin was the owner of the grand old hotel at the time.  An interesting man and an entrepreneur at heart, Truett undertook a significant renovation of the property that ended up with the historic hotel having an amazing new edifice and the Ormsby House entering into bankruptcy.  It’s had a checkered history of construction since and sits, as I write this, a good deal less active than it was in its heyday.

In the second of my western novels, the novel’s protagonist, a former priest and Pinkerton detective, moves into the hotel and conducts some meetings  there while attempting to solve the murder of two Washoe men at Lake Tahoe.   Constructed by Major William Ormsby in 1860, twenty years prior to the story fictionalized in Lady of the Lake, the hotel faced the city’s plaza at 2nd and Carson Streets and was a significant part of the area’s history.

It was years later that the hotel moved to its current location and 5th and Carson.

The Comstock Lode and the literally tens of thousands of women and men  who traipsed past the Orsmby House made the hotel an instant success.  And while Major Ormsby never lived to enjoy his creation–the early Carson City pioneer died in the first of the Pauite wars in  May of 1860, avenging the death of two white brothers–you can enjoy some of the hotel’s color and significance in this second in the W. W. Ronin series of westerns situated along the Sierra Nevada in the early 1880s.

Here’s to hoping that Carson City’s grand landmark will be opened soon.  For more on the Ormsby House’s history, see here and here.

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One Response to Nevada’s Ormsby House to be Featured in Lady of the Lake

  1. Denny Weipert says:

    I worked at OH back then as the Casino Marketing Manager, after it had been sold to an investor from Southern California. He was trying to turn a buck and it ultimately failed yet again.
    Interestingly, in those years, the the Derringer and Rose logo for the Ormsby House was the second most recognizable gaming logo in the U.S. The MGM Lion was #1. I designed the $5.00 Table Games chips for the casino to incorporate that logo, and they’re now very difficult to find in good condition. I also designed a premium Slot token with the same design as that Table Games chip. They were ultimately turned into key chains are very rare to find without the key chain hole.

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