The First Chapter of the 2nd in the W. W. Ronin series, "Lady of the Lake," Available NOW on Amazon

Ronin rolled onto his right shoulder before standing and breaking into a run. The horse had simply stopped. It had halted like a freight wagon up against an immovable, and in this case invisible, rock. And the forward momentum — cushioned by years of rolling, wrestling and practicing fighting...

About Dr. Gregg E. Townsley

Thanks for being a buddy and visiting my website.

Someone asked me what I did a couple of years back, for a living, I mean. I thought for a minute as thinking was better than stuttering and no simple description happened to mind. (There was a time in my life when being able to do a great many things seemed like a valuable asset. But I’m proud to say I’m over that.)

So I replied, ”I’m retired…sort of.”  Catch the pause, because it was there.

But who would have guessed that at 60 years old, I’d be writing novels and launching a publishing company?  I wouldn’t have. Yet in January, the evidence will be clear. My first novel, East Jesus, Nevada, will be available on Amazon. And Two Bears Books, Nancy’s and my publishing company, will be in business. The first item of business, of course, will be its own website.

If you’re visiting this website because you’re looking for Oregon Fast Draw, you can click through on the top navigational bar.  You can discover your inner gunslinger, if you like, in one of the two cowboy quick draw clubs I started in the Portland area. Either one would be happy to have you.

If you’re looking at this site and wondering where you can buy the really cool custom T-shirt I’m wearing standing next to my Hawaiian friend, then click here and order to your heart’s content.   The “Upside Down Buddha” isn’t just a one of a kind T-shirt or tote bag, it’s a series of books I’ll begin working on in 2013. I’m excited about them, and your buying one will keep me in beer until I finish my projects.  No really.

Now.  If you’re wondering who I am to be talking this way, or want to know something about my professional background, my writing, shooting or martial arts interests, then you can read about me on LinkedIn.  But why you’d want to do that, I have no idea…

8 Responses to About Dr. Gregg E. Townsley

  1. Betty Haas says:

    so impressed. Up and onward Gregg…………..

  2. Wesley Tallant says:

    Nice site. Who’s your web designer?

    • admin says:

      Betty you’re badge number 2 in my fan club (my wife insists on having the first badge.) And Wesley, you can be badge number 3. No seriously guys, you’re making me blush…

  3. Denny Weipert says:

    Howdy, Gregg! You weren’t by chance at the Jack in the Box by exit 36 in Nampa, ID a few days ago were you? I saw a white pickup with fast draw stickers all over it parked there. I didn’t make the connection until I investigated your web site. If it was you, we didn’t recognize each other! I’m on FaceBook if you want to say “Hi”, or feel free to use the email address listed here. My cell is the same as it was in Carson City.

    • admin says:

      Was not Dennis. Love to hear from you. Friend me on FB would you? THere are a lot of folks shooting fast draw in Idaho. The office for the Cowboy Fast Draw Association used to be there. Hoping to be see you soon, but where?


  4. Lorna Hooper says:

    I love that pic of you. And I’ve been catching a few excerpts of the novel. Looks interesting. Congrats. :)

  5. Vern says:

    There are many here in CC who are saddened and who would like to contact you.

  6. Jack and Shirlee Hansen says:

    Hi Gregg,

    Please know that Shirlee and I have you and your family in our thoughts and prayers at this very difficult time. Sincerely, Jack

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